Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Heritage Hedgerow

Wednesday's mission was to plant a key part of the orchard - the six trees to create "Heritage Hedgerow".   These trees are either native to Lancashire or have been widely grown in Lancashire for many years.  Proctor's Seedling from the Longridge area and Scotch Bridget  will prove to be two popular varieties in the not too distant future here at Broughton.

Other areas planted today were "The Courts" "The Fruit Bank" and "Plum Pocket."

"Pie  Corner" and "The Core" remain to be planted.

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Tree Planting is Go!

On a drizzly morning in late February, students, staff and expert volunteers headed onto soggy terrain for day one of the BBEC Orchard big dig.  Keen volunteers wielding spades, stakes and wheelbarrows, not to mention a variety of fruit trees, commenced the mammoth job of creating an orchard in the school grounds.  Despite the weather, significant progress was made as you can see from the photos below.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The BBEC Orchard Preparations

After months of planning, preparations for the planting of the BBEC Orchard are in place.

Just before half term an arch arrived in kit form and a group of pupils got it ready to be put into position. We also moved  two clumps of  Iris into temporary positions for safekeeping. 

The plan is that  over half term Barton Grange Landscapes will  commence landscaping the area of the orchard known as the CORE. (This area is small but when fully planted will host,30 – 40 apple and pear trees - most of which will be trained as cordons or espaliers.

Working to a design submitted as part of a Fruit-full Schools competition and redrawn by a landscape architect working on the Guild Wheel, the Barton Grange staff will create five shaped beds (to represent the centre of an apple sliced horizontally), position a pergola and put in supports for the cordon and espalier trees.

We are very grateful for the help given by Barton Grange as part of their donation towards the Guild Wheel and look forward to working with them.

Once the groundwork is complete pupils will be able to plant trees when ground conditions permit and then the process of looking after them will commence.

We hope that each tutor group will adopt and become responsible for a small group of trees to ensure they thrive and become productive for years to come.