Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Eco Team have been hard at work recently helping Mrs Sims create a school orchard.
Thanks you to the following pupils for helping plant the many trees:

Oliver Dunkley, Philip Parkinson, Umar Sakha, James Rosendale, Mat Harpley, Ben Welsh, Jake Livesley-Gosling, Ben Horton, Andrew Connell, Peter Earnshaw, Hannah Reef, Katie Armes, Ellie Earnshaw, Sarah Banks, Georgina Round, Beth Cuckson, Thomas Lynch, Chris Wilson, Rachael Lett, Olivia O'Brian, Megan Ray, Isabella Clarkson-Hesketh.

Ms Cox has been giving a helping hand, too, by clearing out the greenhouse to make space for the many new spring projects.

Thanks to a £1000 grant donated  by "Fruitful Schools" we have been able to purchase a bargain priced black metal arch and a variety of plants and fruit tree.  As the soil around BBEC isn't the best of quality we bought some good quality top soil, too.

So what are the plans?

Well, a number of strawberry plants will be planted outside Mr. Morris's office and each form will hopefully sponsor and look after a number of fruit trees in the orchard.
Keep checking in  to see photos of the improvements as they happen  and to receive updates on activities by the eco team.

Adam Todd
Media Team
BBC School News Report