Newton  Wonder. Victoria. Procters Seedling. Lady's Finger of Lancaster, Lord Derby. I wonder just how many of these older apple varieties students can remember from last year’s Apple Day tasting session? September 2011 may seem a long way off but for the year 8s involved in establishing BBEC’s Heritage Apple Orchard work has already started.

A nursery bed is in preparation near the greenhouse ready for our newly grafted trees. Representatives from all  the year 8 tutor groups will be taking part in a grafting session in school on March 3rd. Led by Stuart Lockton the North West -coordinator for Fruitfull schools, these pupils will be shown how to establish trees of their own choosing by ‘fixing’ (grafting) twigs of one variety onto the root stock (young trunk) of another to make a tree of a chosen size, shape and variety.

DON’T KNOW WHAT GRAFTING IS?  Here is a dictionary definition: a piece of living tissue from the shoot of a plant that is joined to the stem and root system of another plant, resulting in the growth of a single plant     
If you want to know more, ask the year 8s from March 4th onwards.   If you would like to become involved yourself in helping to plant trees in the school grounds or simply help to look after them once planted please let us know. This is an invitation to both pupils and their families as this is, after all, going to be  a community orchard.