Friday, 23 November 2012


On Friday the 16th November there was a Civvies Day to raise money for Children in Need. One popular event was a breaktime cake sale in the Senior Dining Hall.   All cakes were 50p and all cakes,many decorated with Pudsey Bear, were made by M  rs Sims and some pupils the afternoon before at Let's Get Cooking club. They made so many they had to sell the rest at lunch!

Also two pupils from Media club took pictures of the students standing in front of a green screen for 20p.This was very popular because afterwards they adapted the photos to add PUDSEY BEAR! We raised a fantastic £11.00

So BBEC has raised a lot of money in total but we don't know the exact amount yet

By Sara Banks

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Apple Day

Apple day last Friday hope you all got involved with the great activities.

Miss Sims organised the brilliant day. Miss Sims really appreciated all the help from the pupils who took part in the day.

Many of the students and teachers enjoyed Friday as everyone got involved. Teachers helped with the activities along with many students to provided a great apple day for all to enjoy.

The greenhouse was booming as many pupils helped Miss Sims to take a look at the grafted trees from last year.

Miss Sims would really like to thank all pupils and staff involved with the day, which is everyone as all took part in some aspect of apple day. The day went great as it brought all the school pupils together to celebrate the greenhouse and apple day.

Written by Rachael Lett

Picture by Sara Banks

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

This last week the green team and Mrs Sims have been trying to get last year's grafted trees in the outside beds ready for winter.

Also they have been  counting the Morrisons vouchers as we have so many in the box, so bring them in if you have any at home lying about. If you  bring in your your vouchers they will all go towards new equipment and more seeds for the Geenhouse.

Plus we still need helpers in the Greenhouse!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Green Team

The green team has been a success for many years and hopefully many years to come. With many projects on a list for the year ahead, apples, strawberries and chillies are all on the list to be planted.

Mrs Sims is so enthusiastic and so are all the pupils helping out.

Do you want to do your part for the environment well Mrs Sims would really appreciate if anyone could help out and dig in? The winter is coming and any hands would really help, you could plant, water and so much more if you join up.

All the pupils love the group and are all so happy to be part of such a big part of school.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

 BBEC Orchard brings more exciting news to us all.

In 2009 several trees had to be cut down for safety reasons. To mountain a balanced environment BBEC thought it was right to replace the old trees in different locations around the school. After plenty of discussion Mrs Simms wan everyone other with her idea of planting Fruit Tree, because it would provide Blossom for the insects in spring and healthy fruits for us in autumn. BBEC’s idea came into life in January 2010 when we heard of the fruit-full school project we soon applied and after an interview BBEC became part of 1 of 50 schools to be accepted. Fruit-full schools agreed to plant an orchard at BBEC for the local community.
This Orchard had to include heritage fruit trees especially those native to the area we live in! Just a few trees planted here are the Gold Medal which originated in 1832 in Preston and the Longride Proctors seeding.
Our aim is to have 60 trees in the orchard, some planted in groups at the edges of the playing fields with names that suited the planters of the tree. I.e. Plum Pocket, Cooks Corner, the Fruit Bent. So far 34 trees have been planted altogether in the area, with the help of Mr Steve Edwards (Environment Picture LCC) who has plenty of knowledge about orchards+ fruit trees.
THE FUTURE: So what's the future for BBEC orchard? Well there are visitors from Canada coming to school, to plant trees.  More on that in future posts. Keep checking regularly!

Beth Sugden

Saturday, 12 May 2012


Blossom Time

‘Blossom Time’ is an exciting photography competition for people of all abilities. Whether you are a budding photographer or have never picked up a camera, this is your chance to shine – you could even use your mobile phone! The competition aims to highlight the orchard here at Broughton and to raise awareness of our contribution to the natural environment. As part of an exhibition, all entries will be displayed at school for Gold Medal Day at the end of June. There are different categories as well as different age groups. You can be creative, crazy or traditional; it is up to you, as long as the photo is a maximum size of 7x5” and fits into one of the categories. Anyone can enter and the good news is that the closing date has been extended until 31st May. This is due to the recent bad weather delaying the blossom on the fruit trees. Entries from Broughton students and their families can be handed in at the i Centre. For more details, please see the poster below.
Bethany Sugden (Year 7, Media Team)

will be awarded in each age group in each class for the best photos.
Class 1 An Orchard
Class 2 Fruit tree in blossom
Class 3 Blossom – A close up
Class 4 First Fruits
Class 5 Pollination
Entries should be in colour,
un-mounted, maximum size 7x5.
All entries must be submitted
in a sealed envelope and be labelled
with the class, your name and age
The photos will form part of an
exhibition to be held at the school
at the end of June 2012
Group A 16 & Over (on 1st April 2012)
Group B Secondary Pupils
Group C Primary Pupils
CLOSING DATE: 18th May 2012
Please enclose an SAE for the return of photographs, alternatively please collect them from the
school after the exhibition. All entries should be sent to Blossom competition, Broughton Business
& Enterprise College, Woodlplumpton Lane, Broughton, Preston, Lancashire, PR3 5JJ.