Wednesday, 23 May 2012

 BBEC Orchard brings more exciting news to us all.

In 2009 several trees had to be cut down for safety reasons. To mountain a balanced environment BBEC thought it was right to replace the old trees in different locations around the school. After plenty of discussion Mrs Simms wan everyone other with her idea of planting Fruit Tree, because it would provide Blossom for the insects in spring and healthy fruits for us in autumn. BBEC’s idea came into life in January 2010 when we heard of the fruit-full school project we soon applied and after an interview BBEC became part of 1 of 50 schools to be accepted. Fruit-full schools agreed to plant an orchard at BBEC for the local community.
This Orchard had to include heritage fruit trees especially those native to the area we live in! Just a few trees planted here are the Gold Medal which originated in 1832 in Preston and the Longride Proctors seeding.
Our aim is to have 60 trees in the orchard, some planted in groups at the edges of the playing fields with names that suited the planters of the tree. I.e. Plum Pocket, Cooks Corner, the Fruit Bent. So far 34 trees have been planted altogether in the area, with the help of Mr Steve Edwards (Environment Picture LCC) who has plenty of knowledge about orchards+ fruit trees.
THE FUTURE: So what's the future for BBEC orchard? Well there are visitors from Canada coming to school, to plant trees.  More on that in future posts. Keep checking regularly!

Beth Sugden

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  1. Another good post, Bethany. How many trees have been planted so far?