Thursday, 8 November 2012

Apple Day

Apple day last Friday hope you all got involved with the great activities.

Miss Sims organised the brilliant day. Miss Sims really appreciated all the help from the pupils who took part in the day.

Many of the students and teachers enjoyed Friday as everyone got involved. Teachers helped with the activities along with many students to provided a great apple day for all to enjoy.

The greenhouse was booming as many pupils helped Miss Sims to take a look at the grafted trees from last year.

Miss Sims would really like to thank all pupils and staff involved with the day, which is everyone as all took part in some aspect of apple day. The day went great as it brought all the school pupils together to celebrate the greenhouse and apple day.

Written by Rachael Lett

Picture by Sara Banks

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  1. Well done for writing this post, Rachel. Good paragraphing and great photo. I am intrigued to know what kind of activities were organised on Apple Day and why the school held such a day.