Friday, 23 November 2012


On Friday the 16th November there was a Civvies Day to raise money for Children in Need. One popular event was a breaktime cake sale in the Senior Dining Hall.   All cakes were 50p and all cakes,many decorated with Pudsey Bear, were made by M  rs Sims and some pupils the afternoon before at Let's Get Cooking club. They made so many they had to sell the rest at lunch!

Also two pupils from Media club took pictures of the students standing in front of a green screen for 20p.This was very popular because afterwards they adapted the photos to add PUDSEY BEAR! We raised a fantastic £11.00

So BBEC has raised a lot of money in total but we don't know the exact amount yet

By Sara Banks

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  1. A brilliant post Sara. I am looking forward to seeing some pictures.